With the boom in e-learning technology over the past decade and dramatic transition of mode of education from classroom learning to online learning, one can easily say that online learning may someday replace classroom learning and both the tutor and the student would prefer it over traditional classroom learning.

But there can be many facets to it and we can throw some light on them one by one. After that we can see what suits us better and how things can change in the future. There is no doubt that online classrooms have taken the world of education to an entirely another level. People who had given up on education can now expand their limits and learn every possible thing that they wish and enhance their skill sets. This point works in favour of online learning as a replacement for classroom learning.

Now, when asked to the experienced tutors and young learners, they were in support of the idea where online learning and classroom learning can complement each other but not replace. Classroom studies have a charm of their own. Apart from learning the lesson, classroom gatherings offer you much more. We are humans and no artificial intelligence can completely replace personal interaction for us.

The group studies, the competitive environment, the bustle of the classroom, the examination anxiety and the charisma or horror of the tutor can only be felt in a classroom and no one would ever be able to feel it virtually. Online classrooms can be a great asset when the physical classrooms are not possible due to weather conditions, distance or maybe just mismatching schedules of tutors and students but replacing the traditional classrooms entirely with online learning won’t go down the throat of many people, tutors and students alike.

On the other hand, according to many students who prefer studying online are happy with the idea of online classrooms replacing the traditional ones. However, these students are mostly pursuing their higher studies and are amongst those who have to manage work and studies both. For young students, who need human guidance relying completely on the online classroom program can be a risky affair.

The foundation years of education are crucial for any student. Proper schooling is a concrete pathway to build that foundation. Online learning can be an aid to traditional classroom studies but opting for online education completely is a bad idea for school students who are pursuing elementary education.

Human Guidance in person

Online learning has evolved to an extent that online classrooms now don’t feel like virtual classrooms. Students and tutors can have personal interactions and discussions over whiteboard just like they have in traditional classrooms. But the aura and ambiance created by a physical classroom cannot be overlooked and veterans say that it is highly recommendable for growing children.

School life should not be missed by any child for any reason. The discipline of a school and classroom is what a child should learn in early stages of his or her life.

If we recall our cherished memories, we have impressions of various teachers who came into our lives and gave us directions. An affectionate teacher or maybe a stern one. We might not remember every lesson that she/he taught about the course but we remember the life lessons that they gave us.

Online learning may provide you conceptual clarity of any subject but overall character development is very important in a growing student’s life. Human interaction in the form of a tutor or guide, friends with whom you not just share notes and material but also have a personal connect, all of this is an important part of growing up which cannot be ignored.

Many of the grown-ups will agree that student life has been the best part of their life, so why should we deprive our children from that life and fun. Young students should go out and attend schools. Learn lessons of the most important subject called life. And friends made in school are the friends for life.

Importance of online learning

Online learning comes into picture when you need extra help with your subjects. Classroom discussions sometimes may be limited due to time constraints and you may miss out on any topic or concept. This is where online learning can help you by which you can access lessons on any particular concept and keep on repeating the lesson until you get the concept correctly. Also, you never need to hunt for notes and everything is recorded with your online tutors.

Online tutors at Ziyyara also give personal attention to each student and are focused on making things clear for the student.Online learning is a perfect aid to classroom teaching for elementary school students because many times due to weather constraints or maybe unwanted distractions can make young students lose focus and they may miss out on any topic or a particular concept.

Online learning not just helps you learn that concept but also provides you with necessary notes and extra practice material required for that lesson. At Ziyyara, you can always go back to your lessons repeatedly even if you were distracted for the first time and couldn’t get it.

Your personal tutors at Ziyyara are available according to the time slot both of you agree upon. So that helps if you have extreme adverse weather conditions or health conditions. Online learning also helps you when you are revising a topic and need last minute review.

Final Word

Online learning and classroom study, both have their equal standing in the world of education. For overall development of a child, it is necessary to provide him/her with every aid that can be beneficial. Online learning can prove amazingly supportive for a child’s academic growth and sometimes even emerge as a solution to the limitations of classroom studies, but as far as an overall development of the child is concerned, classroom studies hold their significance strongly and they are a crucial part of a growing child’s life that should not be completely eliminated.

So, don’t miss your classes, physical or virtual because they are mounding your future for better. Happy studying!