In today’s competitive examination scenario, where there are a plethora of coaching centers mushrooming all around, it is perfectly possible to crack NEET entrance by self-study. When you decide to opt for self-study for giving a shot at NEET entrance examination, be prepared to get ridiculed by many, but you must keep in mind that every year there are many students who have cracked the exam with self-study. Here we are providing some tips which would enable you to clear NEET entrance with self-study.

1.    Complete Awareness of the Syllabus

Before starting with the theory, one must understand the syllabus in great detail. There are many common topics which you may have ignored since they are covered in your board syllabus. This would give you more time to focus on the portions that are not a part of your school syllabus and make self-study for NEET entrance that bit easier, with the reduction of some portion of your hard work for board reduced.

2.    Create a schedule and stick to it judiciously

Schedules help you plan and stick to your work or study routine. A well thought over and planned schedule will always allow you to concentrate on the subjects in which you are weak. Allocate sufficient time for revision and mock tests. A well-planned schedule can ensure all subject areas are covered. A schedule will inculcate the discipline so important for self-study and last but not the least, stick to the schedule judiciously. Any deviation from the schedule for a day should be covered up the next day itself so as to prevent any backlogs. A thorough daily study of a minimum of 10 to 12 hours is required. This you can achieve only by setting daily targets & trying to achieve them. Create a realistic schedule which can be followed without skipping any task and without burdening the NEET aspirant. The aspirant will loose confidence if any random time-table.

3.    Practice tests and Time Management

Entrance tests are cracked only by thorough practice. NEET entrance exam like others have a specific pattern which you can analyze by seeing previous years question papers. You can get confidence and gauge our preparation with constant practice of the practice tests. The more practice papers and mock tests you attempt, the more are your chances of cracking the NEET entrance. This is the most important aspect, as it helps you to identify the weak areas and time management. NEET entrance exam is about time management also as you have to answer 180 questions in 180 minutes. Thus, with one question per minute, it leaves you with not much time to think.

4.    Stay focused with Sincere and Honest effort

Since you are doing self-study, you don’t have anybody to monitor and supervise your progress or reprimand you if you lack in any subject matter. You have to be sincere to yourself or you may find yourself losing focus straying mid-way. Keep reminding yourself of your goal. In case you are losing focus, approach your teachers, parents, and peers.

5.    Work on weaker topics

Work harder on the weaker subjects. You may consider taking help and guidance from seniors or teachers. You may be an expert in one subject and relatively weak in the other subject. Don’t get demotivated. De-stress yourself by playing a sport to take your mind off studies. Continuous studies will be harmful to your brain and heart and will only overburden you.

6.    Right Books

Which books should you use? Master the NCERT books and then reference books. Various coaching institutes also provide their own study material which is an extension of NCERT topics because the questions are analytical & tricky. To solve NEET entrance Physics and Chemistry questions, concepts need to be understood. Use a few of good theory books and try making your own hand-written notes.

7.    Challenge yourself by staying positive

Take this opportunity as a challenge by staying positive. Remove all anxiety and put your best foot forward. This positive approach boosts your confidence and eventually leads to the realization of your dream of cracking the NEET entrance.

8.    Video Mock Tests

Attempt mock tests and practice a good amount of MCQs daily. Daily Practice Papers (DPP) and questions from reference books will also reveal how questions are integrated from different topics. On the completion of a topic, one must appear for mock tests. Once the syllabus is completed, attempt previous year question papers & have a look at their solutions. Download Video Mock Test Series from Google Play Store for this purpose. It has got a video solution to each question.


Self-study is certainly not the easy way to crack NEET entrance. However, if you’ve chosen it at your will, you might as well make the most of it. Work hard and be sincere. Do not hesitate to seek help if, at any point, you feel that self-study is not working out as planned. Do not lose hope because your self-confidence and the fire within to crack NEET entrance can do wonders. NEET entrance preparation is all about building your basics, practicing & giving the paper with confidence. No one can stop your success when all the above tips followed judiciously and honestly.